Extremely informative and helpful – she makes me feel comfortable and has helped me reduce pain in my lower back, sciatica, and helped me deal with allergies.  I love going to Moonching and I’ve referred numerous people to her!
-SW 2018/6/11

Moonching is a very kind and thoughtful acupuncturist who tries her best to keep you well. I went in for endometriosis pain and she has been able to reduce my pain levels by about 30 to 40% which is wonderful considering what I had been going through. The treatments have also been great for my stomach issues. Every time I see her I can see the wheels in her brain spinning and trying to figure out what the best treatment for that day should be.
-MC 2019/5/13

I have been seeing Moonching every week for over 2 years, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She has helped me with everything: knee pain, ankle pain, weight issues, shoulder pain, MOOD swings, fertility, anxiety, sleep, etc. I am a better person today than I was 2 years ago because of her. Moonching is the most caring and lovely person, and I truly look forward to seeing her every week. I cannot recommend her enough – you will be thankful you made the choice to see her. 

Also, if you’re scared of the needles – don’t be. They are SO minuscule (it’s about 10 acupuncture needles to 1 blood drawing needle). I hardly ever feel them!
-NW 2019/5/1

Moonching is a miracle worker! Went to see her with terrible debilitating sciatica pain and in 3 months I was fully healed by her magic hands!! I have recommended her to anyone I come across in pain and will do so forever because she’s not only an amazing person but is so knowledgeable in her field and really proves it when she heals you! Don’t hesitate to go see her for whatever ails you, she will fix you!
-SM 2018/11

A beautiful practice. Zero pain with the needles! Moonching helped me with some weight gain issues I was having, with my metabolism. She is a very grounded practitioner, kind and gentle. I highly recommend her work to anyone, any age, any ailments. Her knowledge is vast and she will more than likely be able to help, if not fix the problem you are having.
-MW 2016/5/16

I’ve been seeing Moonching for over a year for various issues ranging from digestion to hormonal imbalance and she is absolutely incredible! Her treatments are certainly effective, but I most enjoy going to see Moonching for her energy and healing presence. I couldn’t recommend her enough!
-VS 2016/5/15

Moonching has been very helpful in successfully relieving my sciatica. She is very professional, knowledgable and thorough, she immediately made me feel comfortable and I had the feeling I was in good hands. She also addressed other issues that came up as we spoke and gave me good advice to follow outside of the acupuncture sessions.
I recommend her very highly.
-TL 2016/4/12

I can positively say that Moonching has improved my quality of life. She’s very knowledgable, attentive, and kind. With regular visits, 99% of my issues have gone away – poor sleep, tension, stomach problems, you name it. I look forward to my visits with her. Plus, the sliding scale makes it affordable so you don’t have to empty your pockets for quality care. I’ve recommended her to dozens of my friends. All of whom have remained in her care since their first visit. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment.
-TC 2016/4/7

Moonching is very thorough, knowledgeable, patient, calm, and creates a very comfortable atmosphere. The treatment was enjoyable and helped relieve my issue quite quickly. Of course, the acupuncture effect was aided by doing some added homework, as the doctor ordered. 😀
I highly recommend her services for those looking for alternative treatment that is based on the wisdom and skill of traditional Chinese medicine, yet informed by the many approaches of modern healing.
-DK 2016/4/7

I’ve been going to Moonching for several months now and I recommend her highly to both acupuncture-newbies and people who are quite familiar with acupuncture. I see her in the community-acupuncture setting at Makara Yoga Studio and I have to say that compared to most community-acupuncture appointments I’ve been to, it’s more like semi-private than group/community. Usually I’m alone with Moonching for the first part of my session and then maybe another client comes in once I am already settled in. I think it’s a tremendous bargain to get what is essentually 1:1 acupuncture treatment and herbs for the price that Moonching offers. My community is so lucky to have Moonching offering these services and at an affordable price. Also, Moonching is so warm and plesant to interact with. Her energy is so calm and provides you with an ease in being open about your ailments whether they are physical or mental/emotional/spiritutwl. I am learning so much from my appointments with her and am so grateful for the soothing relief her acupuncture brings and for the herbs, which I find so helpful to my healing. I highly recommend acupuncture with Moongching Wu.
-CD 2016/4/2

Moonching is a talented healer–and just a lovely person to spend time around. I’ve felt nothing but care, support, and attentiveness from her and her acupuncture practice. Highly recommended!
-AM 2016/3/23

I had a great acupuncture experience with Moonching to alleviate muscular pain. I appreciated her focus on my condition, communication and explanations about the treatment and, of course, the results!
-LC 2016/3/17

My acupuncture session was wonderful. Moonching is very calming and understanding. I felt very comfortable talking with her about how I was feeling and what I was expecting. My session was not all painful, but extremely relaxing. I walked in very tired and walked out feeling like I had just had a full night of rest. I can’t wait to go back. I highly recommend!
-LM 2016/3/16

Moonching is not only thoughtful but extremely skilled at her practice. She has helped me with both physical and overall health. I can’t recommend her enough.
-KV 2016/2/18

Moonching has the loveliest demeanor, which when combined with her thorough educational background, I was put at ease to try acupuncture for an ailment that wouldn’t change with other types of treatments/therapy. After my first session I felt immediate and dramatic positive results. She is not only patient and compassionate, but super effective. I highly recommend Moonching
-KV 2016/2/18