@noqontrollo found this beautiful creature today, probably killed by a vehicle. My heart is already heavy because just found out that a young lovely couple lost their premature baby on July 4th. Life, death, and everything in between… I can only try my best to love and be compassionate. Acupuncture, herbs, and spiritual support can be very useful tools during grief and mourning. None of those methods can change reality…but help alleviate the unbearable intensity of pain.

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I learned today from @sarah_hagstrom (thanks!) that I could be more clear about what I offer. Once a friend remarked, ‘’you communicate in metaphors”. I took it as a huge compliment, however if you don’t know me yet I will explain myself more clearly… Beauty and Truth are found in Balance. Acupuncture, herbs, meditation, Eastern and Western nutrition, Spirituality are just some of the tools I use to adjust (this is @katonahyogacenter terminology!) your internal imbalance. So together, we can get to that place of BEAUTY, TRUTH, and BALANCE. New patients welcome!!!

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Since I have been on the Pathway to being Magnetic, my life, my practice, and relationships began to unfold in the most magical ways! That total lunar eclipse at dawn of Feburary 2018, which I admired in the hot springs of Esalen, listening to the Pacific Ocean waves clapping against Big Sur, marked a turning point for me. Since then I have been exploring and experiencing the magic that our Universe readily offers to those who are willing to take it in. I was introduced to Lacy Philip’s To Be Magnetic program by my roommate Katie from Esalen. This new, fresh and effective way of manifesting is unlike anything I know. “It’s Not You, It’s Your Subconscious” Makes complete sense right!? Our subconscious is one part of ourselves which is not aligned with our adult intentions because it was formed during our early years. Yet it remains the core of how we project and build our lives. With the short, relaxing hypnosis recordings on TBM, you too can practice reprogramming your subconscious, so no hidden obstacles are in the way. 📸 @noqontrollo

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