I had a really special last week, first a planned lunch with schoolmates from @thecooperunion School Of Art @ninazito @eelannalee and @henrymembreno, then, thanks to @eelannalee who invited me, I dined with @kimkimkim.kim @anejmik @justin.valdes @nikobanbiko @singyatut @terramod @marabuffalo . Then we karaoked until wee hours of next morning. Only a few days later, I visited my drawing professor @rscottrichter who, along with his lovely @pam.lenon24, basically adopted me and @noqontrollo into their tribe. It’s been 21 years and you all had a part in shaping tiny Alice into Moonching (I’m still 5’2” but 10 feet taller). I hope we stay connected forever. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖

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