For a while I suffered “imposter syndrome” and bore a huge Shadow. I thought that because I did not conceive, I could not really help others with matters of pregnancy either. I tried everything – herbs, supplements, exercises, tested for IVF. Back then, before I learned to value my body’s response (Human Design), I ignored the internal wringing and muscle tension I felt whenever I did things out of alignment with my truth. I felt like a fraud – how can I help others when I can’t get pregnant myself? Yet, my patients did conceive, gave birth, and I’ve discovered that one of my favorite part of acupuncture is inducing labor! After I worked through this in the Shadow program of @tobemagnetic (not easy but I did it!!!), I am freed of weight and darkness. In fact I feel more empowered to be myself AND heal others. 👼🏻 There are many ways to [pro]create, nurture, and love. @shumai_cat is not a human baby but he is my fur baby. I used to think pets made absurd substitutes for children. The ridiculous part is not the animal, however, it is the substituting! There’s no need to justify love, ever. A cat may have different needs than a child and certainly @shumai_cat expresses himself very differently than any human, but I love him. My heart blooms when I see him happy and free. 🐯 Doesn’t matter how we do it, how we get there, who gives, who receives. Love is love is love. ❤️ 🌈🖤📸 @noqontrollo

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